There is an affordable housing crisis in our City, which disproportionately impacts communities of color. The impacts of this crisis are magnified within District 18, that has faced rapid gentrification and development over the past few years. Affordable, safe, and accessible housing is a human right, and communities, not real estate developers, should be prioritized in all neighborhood planning. Our city’s land use and planning process must center local communities, not for-profit developers. It is important to reinvest back into communities, particularly Black and Brown, low income, and immigrant communities, that are most impacted by gentrification and displacement. 

As Council Member, I will fight to:

  • Desegregate schools by abolishing screens, create sustained
    pipelines for Black and brown teachers, and expand culturally responsive
    education in the District.
  • Expand free infant and toddler care in District 18, fight
    for better wages for early childhood educators, and expand childcare on 
  • Introduce legislation that provides right to counsel for employees of small businesses. Ensure that all employees, regardless of income and citizenship status, are guaranteed a right to an employment lawyer.
  • Pass Right to Counsel Legislation for freelancers whose wage theft cases enter into court cases and use constituent services arm to connect gig economy workers and freelancers with legal counsel needed for any employment disputes.
  • Provide free legal counsel for undocumented workers. Partner outreach with local businesses and community based organizations to host Know Your Rights workshops for undocumented workers.




For decades, NYPD officers have brutalized and killed Black and Brown New Yorkers, with no accountability to families or the public. Over the last decade, the NYPD’s budget has skyrocketed: we must defund the NYPD’s budget by at least $3 billion dollars, and redirect those resources to housing, youth programming, and education.

As Council Member, Mirza will fight to break the cycle of incarceration by defunding police and prisons, and investing in community-centered resources. This is an opportunity to re-write society and ask: how can we end the conditions that have destabilized communities such as lack of housing, food, and educational opportunities?

  • We defund the police and reduce our police force to zero.
  • We disband the use of jails and prisons.
  • We invest in resources that promote community safety.